Volvo Service & Repairs

Volvo Servicing

With over 70 years of combined Volvo experience, our team of three Volvo master technicians is highly knowledgeable about all Volvo models, whether it's a vintage k-jet from the 1980s or a brand new XC90 Hybrid. Our technicians have been trained by Volvo throughout the years, and our newest member is a currently qualified Volvo Master technician who is also trained in hybrid technology.

Whether your 240 has been sitting off the road for 20 years and needs to be repaired, a little TLC, and a Service or your XC40 requires a Volvo service and a MOT but you don't want to pay dealer prices, we are the experts you can rely on.

We have direct parts deliveries from Volvo UK, ensuring that we have access to genuine Volvo parts. Additionally, we have the necessary diagnostic tools and software, as well as technical support from Volvo UK. With our comprehensive services, there is no longer a need for you to pay dealer prices.